Ways To Get Involved

Acolytes serve during worship services by processing with the clergy and assisting with communion duties. 

Altar Guild members prepare and maintain items necessary to celebrate communion including linens, chalices, patens, candlesticks, and flowers.  

Building Committee members serve to maintain and update the building and grounds.  

Greeters/Ushers meet those attending worship with a copy of the Sunday bulletin and assist in any special needs.  

Hospitality Committee members coordinate church family events including Sunday morning coffee and special events.  

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Holy Cross’s intercessory prayer ministry comprises those members of the congregation who have volunteered to pray daily for the needs expressed by members of the congregation. These prayer requests are kept confidential and are sent only to members of the "Prayer Chain," usually on the Monday following the worship service.

To request prayer, write your request on the blue card (found in the pews) and place it into the offering plate. You may also request prayer by contacting the church office by phone or email.

Lay Eucharist Ministers contribute to the Sunday service by reading scripture and assisting with communion. They also can deliver holy communion to those who can not participate on Sunday morning.

Prayer Ministries pray for the needs of the community both as intercessors and during the Sunday morning worship.  

Shepherd's Care is a caring ministry of Holy Cross, designed to meet some of the practical and pastoral needs of members of the congregation. Through Shepherd's Care, members of the church offer help to other members in the following ways:

  • To the sick and recovering – When a member is hospitalized or homebound, volunteers visit and also bring meals, if they are desired.

  • To new parents– Volunteers write encouraging notes to new parents before a baby is born and deliver meals to the family after the baby arrives.

  • Encouragement – Volunteers write to those members of the congregation who may need encouragement or support.

  • Bereaved—When there is a death in the family, Shepherd's Care prepares meals, sends flowers and reaches out to the family.

“Shepherd's Care exists to be the hands and feet of Christ by giving care and comfort to those in need.” 

If you are interested in being a part of this important ministry, please contact the church office. office@chcraleigh.org or 919-788-0970.

If you would like to serve or have any questions about these ministries, please contact the church office.